A Broad and Balanced Curriculum…

Years 2-6 Curriculum

At Iona, we are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum that equips children to be positive, productive and effective contributors to society. The Year 2 – 6 curriculum has been designed to provide outstanding educational opportunities to help every student reach their potential by ensuring they have an opportunity to collaborate, develop individual skills and be challenged.

We treat Literacy and Numeracy as priority learning areas, knowing that the skills and concepts developed during classroom programs underpin learning across the curriculum. For extra support, we have a Support Teacher and Educational Assistants working in the classrooms to assist children who require assistance.

Iona offers a range of specialist programs:


artSpecialised Art lessons begin in Year 3 where students are engaged in a 100 minute art lesson each fortnight. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional media and techniques are explored during sessions. Areas such as textiles, pottery, painting, printing, drawing, collage and construction are often integrated around a theme or concept being explored within the classroom.

Having a purpose is an important part of art classes. All work is valued and frequently placed on display for a period of time before taking it home. Art pieces are on display in the Art Room, outside classrooms and School Foyer throughout the year. Students are also encouraged to display their work in the community. Iona Presentation Primary is a member of the Independent Primary Schools Association and displays students’ work in the IPSHA Art Exhibition bi-annually.


Drama is an artistic process that enhances and changes how one thinks and acts in relation to oneself and the world. Drama in Pre-primary to Year 2 is a dynamic process of learning and experience evolving from the spontaneous play of children. It utilises the art of communication to develop the participants’ sensitivity, skills, confidence and imagination. Guided by the teacher, students are encouraged to imagine, create, act and reflect upon experiences both real and imagined. The creative drama process fosters both individual and group skills.


sportPhysical Education:

The relationship between a healthy mind and a healthy body is the cornerstone of our Physical Education program. Students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 participate in a program that includes swimming, athletics, cross-country, minor and major games as well as the perceptual motor program for younger students. Inter-School sport occurs for children in Years 4 to 6 as part of the Independent Primary Schools Heads of Australia (IPSHA) competition.

To provide students with a diverse range of PE experiences, students participate in golf lessons, surf life-saving and water polo with trained instructors.


Music Education in the Classroom
Iona offers a developmental music program from K-6. It is holistic, child focused and inclusive. All students are actively involved in learning about music through singing and playing. They have opportunities in the music classroom to compose, create and perform music while developing a repertoire of songs that target specific skills appropriate to their level of learning music. The class music program selects songs that foster tuneful singing and aural development. Creative movement is also integrated encouraging spatial awareness. Students learn graphic and traditional notation in rhythm and melody.

All Year 3 & 4 students receive tuition on recorder as part of the classroom music education classes.

All Year 5 & 6 students are given the opportunity to learn the ukulele as part of the classroom music education classes in nominated terms.

All Years 4 to 6 students are given opportunities to integrate music technology as part of their music education classes and on their one to one laptop devices.

Special Choir Programs
All students from Years 3 to 6 are given the opportunity to sing in the Junior Special Choir or the Senior Special Choir beyond the music classroom. These two extra curricula choirs provide interested students with additional music and performance skills. Students in the special choir programs perform at many events throughout the year such as assemblies, Anzac and Remembrance Day services, Catholic Performing Arts Festival, Celebrating Religious Life Concert, Special Masses, Aged Care Homes, and Carols on the Green to name a few.

A Suzuki violin and cello program is offered to students from Kindergarten –Year 2.

All students are given opportunities to learn an instrument from onsite instrumental tutors. The following instruments are offered: violin, cello, piano, guitar, drums, saxophone, clarinet, flute, and brass instruments. Selection of brass and woodwind instruments is made as to suitability and age of the student.

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Instrumental students are offered the opportunity to perform at the instrumental concert on open night in September. Also, instrumental students are invited to perform in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival, Eisteddfods and other festivals each year held at various metropolitan venues and at various times.

Ukulele Club
Students in Years 5 & 6 are given the opportunity to participate in the Ukulele Club held once a week during lunchtime. Students learn basic chords and strumming patterns to popular tunes.

Liturgical Music Group
Instrumental students are given the opportunity to join the Liturgical Music Group to learn hymns on their instruments so that they can accompany the singing at class and whole school Masses as well as special liturgies. This is held once a week during lunchtimes.

A music incursion is planned each year for the whole school with a different group of professional musicians. This opportunity gives students motivation and encourages their musical development as the incursion is linked to the class music program.

Students use their music skills by being encouraged to be involved in school life such as playing at assemblies, class Masses, whole school Masses, musicals, school concerts and instrumental concerts.

End of Year Concert – Musicals
All students from Years 3-6 are involved in a biennial musical and/or end of year concert. Every child is involved in some capacity and repertoire is linked to the classroom music program. Many students are given opportunities to perform character roles and sing. All Year 1 and 2 students are given the opportunity to perform in a musical each year as part of the drama and music program joining together.


Learning another language broadens a student’s horizons. Understandings grow with regards to their relationships with the rest of the world. Students are exposed to new ways of thinking and discover new concepts and ideas as well as different cultures and histories. By providing opportunities to communicate with and about others, students are able to make links to define themselves, to understand and to use their own language better.