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The Presentation Sisters’ Archives (WA)

Preserving the past, building the future…

Iona Presentation Primary School is named after the Isle of Iona which is situated off the west coast of Scotland. The Irish Saint Columba founded a community on the Isle of Iona in 563 AD. Iona became a centre of learning and, from there, Saint Columba and his monks set forth to spread the Gospel into Scotland and the north of England.

sistersThe Presentation Sisters who came to Mosman Park, had originally come from Kildare in Ireland to Hay in New South Wales. Then, in 1900, five Sisters volunteered to answer a call to come to Western Australia. They came to Southern Cross in 1900, Collie in 1902, Cottesloe in 1905, and to Mosman Park in 1907.

Bishop Gibney, the then Bishop of Perth, remarked that the site in Mosman Park, situated on a rise with the Swan River on one side and the ocean on the other, reminded him of the Isle of Iona off the coast of Scotland. He expressed the hope that this new site would also be a centre of learning and a centre from which the Gospel would spread.

As one of the founding Sisters was a Sister Columba, it was decided an appropriate name for the school would be Iona. The school was founded on 11 September 1907.

In 1979, to enable the primary school to expand, a decision was made to move the primary students from the Lochee Street site to a new campus on Buckland Avenue (the site of the last Holden assembly plant in Western Australia). Today, the facilities consist of modern, state-of-the-art classrooms, a well-resourced Library, Art Room, Performing Arts Centre and a Chapel for our weekly liturgies.

The Presentation Sisters still enjoy a vital presence within the school through the Religious Education and Pastoral Care programs and provide governance through the School Advisory Board. Inspired by the compassion and service of Nano Nagle, Iona Presentation Primary School provides a quality co-educational program from Kindergarten to Year 3 and a Year 4 -6 program designed to specifically cater for the needs of girls.