Three-Year Old Program

3-year-oldOur Three-Year Old Program is an educational program for children aged three years. The program is play-based and provides children with meaningful experiences that promote the development of spiritual, social, emotional, language, intellectual, creative and physical skills.

The staff will create a caring, safe and stimulating environment that will nurture your child’s disposition to wonder, explore and construct meaning about the world.

It will cover all learning domains within the Early Years Learning Framework. Fundamental to the framework is a view of children’s lives as characterised by belonging, being and becoming.

To join our program, children need to have attained the age of three years. If your child has not turned three years old when the program commences, they may be enrolled and we are happy to hold their place until after their third birthday.

Our Three-Year Old programme has recently (May 2017) been assessed and rated under the National Quality Framework in accordance with the Schedule to the Education and Care Services National Law (WA) Act 2012 (the National Law). In determining the ratings, the Education and Care Regulatory Unit, undertook a rigorous assessment of the quality of the service against the National Quality Standards for Early Childhood Education. We are delighted to advise our community, that we have been rated as exceeding the National Quality Standards in all 7 areas of the NQS and have received an overall rating of exceeding the National Quality Standards.

3 Year Old Parent Handbook

3 Year Old Enrolment Form 2017

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