Here at Iona Primary, we believe that our students will greatly benefit from an exposure to coding and robotics from an early age. Through programming robots, telling stories, developing solutions to real world problems, or creating computer games, our students can develop valuable computational thinking and problem solving skills which they can apply to a range of real world situations.

Through their exposure to coding and robotics, students will develop valuable computational thinking, problem solving, and design skills which they can apply across a range of real-world situations. These skills form the foundation of the new WA Digital Technologies Curriculum, which will be introduced at Iona PS over the next two years through makerspace challenges and integrated curriculum activities. 

What will this look like?

In the early years, students will learn how to recognise patterns, create digital learning products with iPads, and explore how to represent a sequence of instructions to perform a particular task (algorithms). 

Through makerspace projects and classroom learning activities, students will have opportunities to learn how to program BeeBots, Dash, and Sphero robots, and use age-appropriate coding apps for storytelling, maths, and design challenges. These include Kodable, CargoBot, Daisy the Dinosaur, Tynker for School, and ScratchJr (also available for Android). 

Visual (block based) coding will be introduced in Year 3 with ScratchJnr, and developed through the upper primary years using, Scratch 2.0, and the MakeyMakey Invention Kit. Year 5 and 6 students may also be invited to join our new LEGO Robotics extension program.


Extension Programs

If your child is interested in taking their interest in coding and robotics to the next level, we would recommend exploring the following options: 

Graphite.orgApps & Websites, which reviews educational tools for teachers and parents, has a fantastic list of websites and apps for learning programming and coding. 



CodeClub Australia and CoderDojo WA run free coding clubs throughout the Perth metropolitan area, complementing and extending the coding activities your child will experience at school. Please note some of these clubs have a waiting list. 


robocup-legoLEGO Robotics  

Iona PS is establishing a competitive LEGO robotics extension program in Years 5 and 6.

Team selection has now been finalised, informed by teacher recommendation and student interest. We are looking forward to competing at the FIRST LEGO League State Tournament in November. 

Need more information? 

If you have any questions about coding, robotics, or the introduction of the Digital Technologies curriculum at Iona PS, please contact Mr Michael Graffin through the school (or email