LittleBits Invention Kits


For: Years 4-6

LittleBits are modular electronic kits which enable children to design, prototype, and build simple electronic and engineering projects, such as light sensitive flashlights, simple robots, and interactive dioramas. No soldering, no wiring, or programming is required - you just snap the bits together to make a circuit.

Our LittleBits collection currently includes a range of buttons, dimmers, light sensors, buzzers, a fan, sound trigger, and servo.

Makerspace Challenges

  • Use the LittleBits booklets to build a project, e.g. a light controlled LEGO car.
  • Can you design and build your own invention using the LittleBits modules?
  • Explore and try one of the projects featured in the LittleBits Project Gallery.

You can find most of the craft materials you need for LittleBits projects in the makerspace. If you need additional materials, please ask Mrs Martino or Mr Graffin.


Parent / Teacher Links

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