Dash Robot


For: Years 2-6

Dash is a fun and friendly programmable robot which can be programmed using an iPad. It comes with a suite of companion apps for different age levels, which help children problem solve and learn basic visual coding skills using Wonder, Blockly, and Tickle (advanced).

Makerspace Challenges

  • Can you work out how to control Dash using the Wonder or Blockly Apps?
  • Can you program Dash to go through a maze? (Use masking tape)
  • Can you make a movie or story where Dash is one of the characters?
  • Find your own challenge from the Dash and Dot Show on YouTube, or download the Dash and Dot Kids Magazine

To find out more about the apps we use to code Dash, please click here.

Parent / Teacher Links

Dash and Dot - Modern Teaching Aids

Wonder Workshop (official site)

App Tutorials (YouTube)