Learning – Overview


…encouraging play, laughter and learning

Iona Presentation Primary School provides a stimulating and caring environment for students in Kindergarten to Year 6 that encourages play, laughter and learning. Here students explore the world around them and discover interesting spaces where friendships flourish and personalities develop. Our Pastoral Care program helps students grow in confidence, feel part of their class group and school, and grow into happy, enthusiastic learners.

We have designed an integrated curriculum that stimulates creativity and curiosity and builds a sound foundation in literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills. From Year 4, every student has her own laptop computer and each learning area incorporates technology in a way that enhances our students’ learning and understanding.

We stimulate student’s imagination and creativity through Visual Arts, Drama and Music. We offer individual tuition in a wide range of instruments and opportunities for students to experience the fun and challenge of being part of a performance group from an early age.